Is Automation the Death of IT?


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Automation does not mean the end of IT work. Many businesses are using automation for low-level IT tasks.


Automation seems like a scary thought right? The idea that robots could take over your IT jobs, and potentially put you out of work. However, the not so scary reality is that many businesses are beginning to automate low level task and studies are showing that this might actually prove beneficial for “human employees.”

According to studies by Tech Pro Research, “74% of respondents said their companies were already automating, and 65% said they were doing so because it freed up staff to do other tasks.”

The secret for businesses to succeed with automation without compromising a person’s role in the company is to automate individual activities rather than attempting to automate an entire role. To put it simply, automation can actually increase overall efficiency if they handle low level tasks that will as a result, allow an IT specialist to focus on other projects.

Creating tasks that are better suited for automation such as routine activities defined by a set of rules can ultimately help reduce labor costs and produce a higher quality of work for IT employees with even fewer chances for error.

The types of work that are being automated include:

System Monitoring – 58%
Operation System Setup/Deployment – 56%
System Configuration Management – 47%
Network Management – 45%
User Account Management – 43%
Application configuration management – 43%

Although shifting a business towards automation might seem like it would require massive change and relearning, the truth is if applied in the right ways, automation can exist within companies without ever needing to eliminate jobs.

At Affant Network Services, we strive to provide the latest solutions in managed IT support. With a focus in network management, we know what types of work are bested suited for automation. In the end of the day, we all must face automation because it is quickly becoming a very real reality. Rather than fighting it, take measure to keep your knowledge relevant and your future in IT will be a bright one. If you have any questions or want to know more, contact us today!


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