What is IT Automation and why it rocks!

What is IT Automation?

IT Automation, quite literally, is simply doing repeatable tasks automatically without human effort or intervention.

“But wait,” you ask, “if we automate everything, what about us humans??” Alright everyone, take a deep breath (inhale, exhale).

Can you imagine if half the things in our lives weren’t automated in some way? Like heat, AC, cars, or heaven forbid….online shopping (*shudders*).

For our digital world, IT Automation is our friend. It allows scalability for a business without using a ton of manpower, and instead, we can use that manpower to do more interesting things, like accomplishing your business goals! (high fives all around)

The benefits of IT Automation for your business comes down to 3 major factors:


IT tools can do in seconds what takes human beings minutes (or sometimes hours). Who doesn’t want more time on their hands? Think about how you can spend all those hours you save (and no we don’t mean scrolling through Instagram). You can focus more on creative processes and business relationships that often require a human “je ne sais quoi”.


Automation also reduces human error. It’s okay, we all make mistakes. But making the same mistakes repeatedly can be a headache (and unnecessary). Using software that automatically avoids these mistakes allows more of your time to focus on big-picture items that require that beautiful brain of yours.


Now more than ever, there are a ton of tools out there that can help with almost any task! Best of all, automated services mean you can work from wherever you are. We’re no longer tied to desks, but can work from a cafe, a beach, or even a plane! (just don’t forget your phone…)

These three factors: speed, accuracy, and flexibility are all great reasons to adopt new technology and software into your business to achieve that stress-free IT life.

Check out these examples of how IT automation is affecting business:

  • Google recently launched a new version of Gmail that included a new tool called smart compose. It’s a tool that predicts what you will likely write next and adds it into the sentence. Google is literally finishing your sentences for you, talk about a match!
  • Software solutions like Gusto, help HR and payroll to make sense of employee data to improve employee happiness year-round.
  • Automated hiring and recruitment tools such as Mya and BreezyHR use AI to significantly reduce the time to hire and accelerate the screening process.
  • Tools like Doodle reduce the need for group emails so you can easily compare availability and find a time that works for everyone, even if you have participants in different time zones.
  • Filling out online forms and resetting forgotten passwords become a thing of the past with tools like LastPass and RoboForm.

As you grow your business in 2019, how are you using IT Automation to make your life easier?  

Remember that all the latest tools available can help to reduce the busy work and give you more time to focus on more important things, like your customers!

Here at Affant, we’ve seen how these tools have grown over the past 20 years and we know which ones are best for a range of needs, from network security to telephony. We manage these tools for you so you can maximize your time and effort on your business goals! (talk about icing on the cake).

We’re real people who help solve real problems with our IT services management experience. Give us a quick hello or call us today at 714.338.7100 and let us know what you need to scale your business (to infinity and beyond).  

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