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Check Out Our AffantWatch 2 Network Monitoring System

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The Gist Our custom built network monitoring system the Affant Watch 2 can achieve you the highest results  in Performance, Security and Reliability.   Few companies can build an effective in-house network and fewer still have the network security resources to constantly monitor them as well as anticipate and eliminate problems before they escalate. With our AffantWatch2…

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Petya Ransomware, The Land of the Fee

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The Gist Just when businesses everywhere started recovering from the blow of the Wannacry ransomware attack, another one strikes again.   Just when you think it’s over, another massive ransomware attack has taken place on June 27th and caused some serious damage. This attack also coined “The Petya” ransomware has…

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Countdown with the Top Hacks of 2016

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The Gist 2016 was the year of some of today’s largest cyber security breaches. Let’s countdown the New Year with this year’s top hacks!   2016 was a shocking year for many reasons, but most notably for being one of the biggest years for some of today’s largest ever-recorded cyber…

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