One-Fee Guarantee

No matter the situation, at Affant we pride ourselves on creating the solutions you need without hidden costs.

At Affant, we take responsibility at no extra charge. We’ll provide for a single fee what most IT companies charge extra for. That’s what makes us unique.

Our one-fee guarantee is the cornerstone of our business. We will take care of you, no matter the situation, without additional costs for labor and time.

IT service providers will sometimes offer an introductory price that does not cover additional material or hourly charges.



  • Software upgrades, minor and major revisions.
  • Support within contract hours, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.
  • Telco/carrier related calls on your behalf.
  • 24/7 emergency support available at no additional charge.
  • 4-Tier escalation path of direct support right down to the owner’s cell phone.
  • We take responsibility for problem isolation regardless of network/phone/carrier related problems.

Additional Support

  • bMACs (basic moves, adds, and changes) including adding users, moving users, holiday schedules, call forwarding, minor VLAN changes, adding/removing security policies, administrative training, prioritization, installing new phones, etc.
  • Advanced MAC — adding new offices, new circuits, advanced VLAN changes, etc. 25% discount rate.
  • Affant loaner equipment is available in many situations.
  • Nightly/weekly router/firewall/switch/ phone system backup and restoration on existing or new hardware.

Security and Monitoring

  • 24/7 Pro-Active monitoring
  • Once-a-minute monitoring. Affant checks your network every 60 seconds via SNMP. We alert on this data in real-time to be aware of problems as they occur and store it for historical trends.
  • Collection of device network connectivity up/down, CPU utilization, memory utilization, interface utilization, bandwidth utilization, error thresholds, flow, and top talkers to isolate bandwidth trends, NTOP, and packet sniffing.
  • Full support for servers, phone systems, and networks. Includes routers, firewalls, switches, and other security devices.

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