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Affant specializes in proactive security solutions, offering tools such as virus protection, intrusion prevention, and threat detection to safeguard your infrastructure and prevent catastrophic breaches.


Did You Know?


78% of people claim to be aware of the risks of unknown links in emails, yet click on these links anyway.


90% of CIOs have been attacked or expect to be attacked by hackers hiding in encryption.


45% of IT personnel have knowingly circumvented their own policies.


59% of employees steal proprietary corporate data when they quit or are fired.

Our Method

1. Identify

Access the endpoints (i.e., the devices) on your network in real-time. Real-time access to network endpoints enables seamless monitoring, swift threat detection, and response, ensuring network integrity and security.

2. Assess 

We leverage our skills and access to swiftly assess situations, implement measures, and utilize resources for efficient issue resolution, ensuring timely outcomes.

Why Use Managed Security?

Vulnerability management is a continual process that limits your exposure to threats such as:

  • Malware
  • Identity theft
  • Phishing
  • Ransomware

Any of these can cost you significant amounts of money or compromise sensitive data belonging to your business and its clients. As your managed security service provider, we can help you avoid these dangers and protect your company networks and servers.

Advantages of Using MSSPS

The mission of a managed security service provider (MSSP) is to supplement or assume the duties of an organization’s existing security team. A corporation stands to gain multiple benefits by forming a partnership with an MSSP, including the following:

Filling skill gaps in cybersecurity:  There can be challenges and expenses for businesses to fill open roles on their internal security teams when those jobs become empty. An enterprise that partners with security service providers have the ability to either completely replace its internal security team or to cover holes in that team’s capabilities.

Configuration and Management of the Solution: When it comes to cybersecurity, solutions are at their most effective when they are configured and managed by an experienced professional. A company can enjoy the benefits of experienced security management through a partnership with a managed security service provider (MSSP) without incurring the costs of hiring the necessary personnel on staff.

Accessibility to Expertise And knowledge: The cybersecurity skills gap has a number of impacts, one of which is the limited headcount of cybersecurity professionals. In the event that a cybersecurity incident has taken place, businesses need to have regular access and resources to the specific knowledge of cybersecurity professionals, such as malware analysts and consulting specialists. An MSP possesses the size necessary to keep this expertise in-house and makes it accessible to customers whenever they have a requirement for it.

Protection Around the Clock:  Cyberattacks can happen at any moment, not just during an organization’s typical business hours, therefore it’s important to have security in place around the clock. An MSSP needs to offer a security operation center that is available around the clock and that offers continuous detection, alert, and reaction to potential threats.

Managed IT services in LA

One-Fee Guarantee

At Affant, we offer transparent solutions with no hidden costs. Our one-fee guarantee ensures support without additional charges for labor or time. Whether it’s hardware support, network issues, or security breaches, we’ve got you covered. With a flat fee, integrating MSSP services into your budget is effortless.

Once-a-Minute Monitoring

At Affant, we emphasize proactive monitoring for IT security, ensuring constant attention to employees’ devices and systems. Our minute-by-minute checks enable swift detection and control of any issues. With holistic security services, we promptly identify and mitigate threats, offering immediate incident response to minimize impact and prevent disasters.

Protecting Your Assets

Investing in cyber defenses is crucial, as vulnerabilities persist despite spending. Internal threats pose significant risks, demanding protocols to safeguard businesses. Our comprehensive monitoring covers all devices, detecting internal threats effectively. With tailored security solutions and proactive vulnerability management, Affant ensures continuous protection, supported by years of experience and ongoing guidance.

Rely on Affant

Certified IT security experts at Affant collaborate with clients to ensure comprehensive coverage. We tailor solutions to your needs, integrating with existing systems. Our assessments and customized designs mitigate cyber threats effectively. Trust us for personalized tech solutions in Orange County, safeguarding your business against digital risks with expert guidance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone must take security very seriously in today’s environment of terrorist attacks, cyberattacks, and other threats to public safety. With all of this in mind, the best security systems are now being developed, but what goes into them? As a result, owing to the rapid advancements in security technology, leading security system developers can now provide better goods and services than ever before. To ensure the safety of your business, your company’s fleet of vehicles, or your loved ones, modern security systems must have a few essential components.

  • Become familiar with the OSI Framework.
  • Understand the many types of network devices.
  • Know Your Network’s Defenses.
  • Segment Your Network and Install Security Devices in the Right Places
  • Don’t disable your personal firewalls unless you’re using network address translation correctly.
  • Incorporate centralized logging and immediate log analysis.
  • When it comes to web domain whitelisting, use it for all domains
  • Use a Proxy Server to Enable Direct Internet Access from Workstations
  • Make use of Honeypots and Honeynets.
  • Defend Your Network Against Internal Attacks
  • Protocols for Monitoring and Establishing a Network’s Baseline
  • Make use of virtual private networks (VPNs).
  • Use a Variety of Suppliers
  • Physically secure your network equipment when necessary.

Vendor-specific software is generally placed on real or virtual hardware appliances used for network security. Custom software and commodity server hardware are sometimes used to create a network security device.

Access control lists for routers and switches and firewall rules are among the network security measures used in this area. Firewalls and intrusion prevention systems (IPSes) are often put side by side at the network’s edge, primarily between an organization’s internal network and the internet.

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