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Cloud computing security is the set of technologies and policies designed to protect information, data applications and infrastructure. Cloud computing is a shared resource, and identity management, privacy, and access control are at a higher risk as a result. When you use cloud computing and cloud providers for data operations, proper security is a priority.

Cloud computing security should have a transparent process to protect your data security, privacy, and compliance with necessary regulations.

CLOUD COMPUTING SECURITY should have a transparent process to protect your data security, privacy, and compliance with necessary regulations.

Is Your Cloud Service Provider Giving You the Security You Need?

In the minds of many business owners, cloud computing and security go hand in hand. However, this is not always the case. While public cloud services are less expensive and more efficient, they also introduce new IT risks. These risks can cause significant problems for companies without some level of protection. When considering your cloud computing services, you must account for all enterprise security needs. This includes processes for business continuity and a data backup plan in the case of a cloud security breach.

Cloud hosting providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure do not secure applications, identity, access, operating systems, network access, or firewall configurations. This is why workloads running on these services still require additional security protection.

Uncovering cloud security threats

Getting to know the most pressing cloud security challenges and risks is crucial. However, as a business owner, you may not have the time to do the in-depth research yourself. Affant can monitor your shadow IT, uncover compliance issues and stop improper encryption techniques.

We can provide enterprise security needs and train your team on how to better meet those requirements in every environment, including hybrid and multi-cloud.

Forming a cloud security strategy

After deciding to migrate to the cloud, you must reevaluate your IT strategy to address any cloud security challenges and risks.This starts by researching cloud providers’ capabilities to determine if their certifications and tools fit your security requirements.

It is never safe to assume your provider handles all your security needs. Sometimes, adding third-party tools such as Affant Watch are necessary to address vulnerabilities.

Essentially, there is no one-size-fits-all security strategy. At Affant, we make sure to craft your cloud security plan around the enterprise’s individual needs.

Assess cloud security tools

Cloud computing and storage is always evolving, which means cloud security technologies need to evolve along with it.

Hybrid and multi-cloud (using more than one cloud service provider) environments are now becoming standard. This presents new risks as data moves between your business and the cloud.

To address this vulnerable gap, cloud security tools are also becoming more specialized, targeting specific areas such as data, through encryption, or user authorization, through IAM management.

Test your cloud for weaknesses

One of the best ways to find cloud security vulnerabilities is to view the system just as a hacker would.

We believe that testing your cloud is a critical part of a cloud security strategy. Not all businesses have the same weak spots in their IT infrastructure, and no standard test will discover all issues.

Testing your cloud computing security is the only way to know whether you need extra security protection, whether external or internal.

Manage Your Cloud Security 24/7

In the current marketplace, the top three security concerns for enterprise users of cloud services are:

  • IT security assessment
  • Security configuration and implementation
  • Management and security support

Affant delivers solutions for all by providing a comprehensive security solution for any cloud hosting platform. AWS and Azure focus on the needs of large customers in a global marketplace. Affant designs solutions around your specific requirements. We have certified, trained IT security staff familiar with the latest security threats, software, and hardware technology. Affant has the tools and skills to help you understand your cloud security options.

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