Cyber Security Tactics Used by IT Managed Security Services Near Me to Safeguard My Company

managed IT security

Cybercrime is a lucrative activity attracting unscrupulous individuals, and that’s why businesses should look into getting a managed IT security service. 

Did you know that cyber crimes increased by around 600% during the pandemic? If that’s not enough as an eye-opener, then you should know that the total cost of all these threats around the world was set at $6 trillion, just for 2021 alone.

What is Managed IT Security?

It refers to a service that will handle all the IT security tasks of a business. Instead of hiring a full-time employee to get the job done, the IT company can take care of cybersecurity concerns. This arrangement has several advantages for a small business.

The cost of hiring a full-time IT staff is usually higher compared to outsourcing a managed IT security company. In most cases, that is the main reason why businesses prefer the latter. Then there is the fact that a business can get top-level IT experts by hiring managed IT security services.

Those reasons should be enough to convince you to go with a managed security service.

Cyber Security Tactics

Phishing attacks make up more than 90% of all data breaches. What can your IT company do as protection against those attacks? Can they reduce the risk or can they avoid a disaster altogether?

Here are some proven tactics that professionals use to guard against attacks.


If your business is relying on a public network, then the risk of a breach is multiplied many times. 

The best way to protect your data is to use encryption. This will help shield the information you send out and those that you receive—so that anyone trying to access it will have a hard time.

Two Factor Authentication

Another staple practice for cybersecurity professionals is the use of two-factor authentication. Under this system, someone logging into an account must provide the username and password and, after that, confirm logging in via code.

This is the current practice in many organizations now, but some are refusing to follow it.

Updated Software

Old software is very vulnerable to attacks. So your organization must see it only uses the latest or at least an updated software version.

In addition, some software does not update itself automatically, therefore, IT professionals would insist that you only use updated software all the time.

Train to Identify Attacks

A managed IT security service should also help in educating everyone in the business to identify possible attacks.

People should be briefed about how cybercriminals will use their knowledge of human behavior to influence them into allowing an attack.

Diversify the Infrastructure 

It is also the responsibility of the IT service to diversify the network infrastructure. This will make it difficult for attackers to access the entire network.

It’s worth noting that cyber attackers who succeed usually target undiversified network infrastructure. When one section of the network gets attacked, the rest becomes vulnerable too.

Choose Prompt and Reliable Managed IT Security Services

For instance, if you experience malware attacks, we’ll look into the details of the assault, such as how it entered your system and the systems it intended to affect. We’ll also decide how to remedy the issue right away. Once it’s fixed, we’ll learn how to stop such attacks in the future.

You get all you need, whenever you need it, for a single fixed monthly charge. Are you curious about our reliable managed IT security services? We can answer all of your questions.Fill out our online form or contact us at 714-338-7100 at Affant IT Management today!

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