On-Site Vs. Remote IT Managed Services – Which is Better?

Managed IT Services in LA

Are you considering getting Managed IT Services in LA for your business? There’s no question that you need someone handling the information technology end of your business.

Now, the question is whether you should hire an in-house team of full-time employees to do that or just turn to managed IT services.

Managed IT Services

Before we discuss things any further, we need to define what a managed IT service is.

These are the tasks that are outsourced to an IT company. Usually, the outsourcing of IT-related tasks is done to cut costs, but it also ensures that there will be support from technical experts who are more knowledgeable about those aspects of the process.

These service providers are experts at coming up with solutions for technical problems that might come up during operations.

On-Site Information Technology Team

You can have quick answers to all your questions when you build your own on-site Los Angeles information technology team, which is perhaps an ideal situation for your business. 

The company’s own staffing can handle the maintenance, infrastructure, and backup of the IT requirements.

On-Site Vs. Remote IT Managed Services

Let’s compare having an on-site IT team to remote IT managed services


An on-site team is perfect for a company that has its own hardware. If your business is running its own server, then it’s a must for you to have your own IT team to conduct the actual physical management and maintenance of the hardware.

Your IT team can also act as an in-house help desk that can answer any information technology-related questions or concerns. There is also a major advantage to having the team on-call and on-site, so they can work on the task when needed ASAP.

However, there is also a downside to running an on-site IT team, as it isn’t cost-effective. IT professionals have very high salaries and hiring a full team can be a major drain on your finances.

If you have a small business, it might not be the best idea to add this to your operational costs.


Getting remote IT support is the option that many small businesses go for because it is a lot more practical—the costs involved there are also a lot more predictable. For example, a remote IT service provider will charge for a fixed plan for each month, this might cover security, maintenance, and other IT-related tasks. 

Many IT-related issues are software related—these can be addressed remotely by the team and deliver the solutions in real time. This also allows a company to access top-level IT talent which otherwise would have been too expensive to hire as a full-time part of their team. 

Work with Reliable Managed IT Services in LA

We offer scalable solutions for both large and small businesses in all industries operating in Los Angeles.

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