4 Avoidable Mistakes When Choosing Managed Security IT Services in Irvine

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Are you planning on hiring a managed IT security service? If you’re running a business that handles a lot of customer data, then you need to think about the protection and security of their information. 

You can always hire a full-time IT security team, but it would be costly. The best alternative is to get a managed IT security service, where you can be provided with the information technology management of a highly professional team at a fraction of the cost.

Avoidable Mistakes When Choosing a Managed Security IT Service

Here are some of the mistakes that business owners and managers make when hiring an IT security service that may lead to risks of threats. Pay attention, these mistakes can cost your organization a lot of money in the long run.

Mistake #1: Basing Your Choice on the Price

There’s always the tendency to choose a service based on the price. While a service provider that charges lower than those on the market can be considered a red flag, it does not necessarily mean it will deliver a poorer service.

However, there’s a good chance that will be the case. Pricing is important, but this shouldn’t be the only factor you should consider. 

Mistake #2: Making Your Decision Based Only on Recommendations

Most consumers base their purchase decisions on recommendations and the same is true with service providers.

You trust a service provider because someone recommended them to you, but while that is important—it’s not everything. You still have to do your own research and check on the recommended service providers.

Mistake #3: Not Doing Your Research

You will be outsourcing your IT security services so you don’t have to perform technical tasks. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn the basics of information technology.

It helps to know what terms like network, endpoint, encryption, authentication, and virtualization mean. You also don’t have to know everything about hardware or software, you just have to know the basics of how things work in IT.

Mistake #4: Not Looking for Other Options

Some business owners just go with the first IT service provider that they come across, this is because they don’t understand the service—they feel they’re not really qualified to assess. Still, others feel that one IT company is just the same as others out there.

Unfortunately, IT organizations differ greatly in capabilities. The scope of the service of one company might not cover the risk that you are facing, which needs threat intelligence, incident response, cybersecurity, etc.—and this can lead to disaster.

The good news is that these mistakes are all easy to avoid. You just have to do your homework and read up a bit on what your business needs from the IT professionals that you want to hire.

Avoid these Mistakes by Hiring Affant IT Management!

We take cyber security seriously since we are aware of the devastation that safety concerns can cause to mid-sized organizations. Sensitive information, such as contact details or other personal information, may be exposed due to a data breach.

For instance, if you experience malware attacks, we’ll look into the details of the assault, such as how it entered your system and the systems it intended to affect. We’ll also decide how to remedy the issue right away. Once it’s fixed, we’ll learn how to stop such attacks on your organization in the future.Choose our managed IT security services, contact us at 714-338-7100 at Affant IT Management today!

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