How Do I Choose a Managed IT Service Provider – 3 Signs Your Small Business Needs One

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Every business grows to a point where it needs new technologies and processes to support its growth—and would need help from trusted managed IT services in LA. But how do most companies recognize this need? 

Certainly, the inability of the in-house IT team to keep up with the changing business infrastructure is a strong indicator. As a result, many businesses rely on managed IT service providers in LA to provide them with tailored IT solutions to support their business growth.

Indications Your Small Business Needs a Managed IT Service Provider

It may be difficult for you to determine whether or not managed IT services in LA are worth the investment in your small business. You need to partner with a managed IT service provider if your business exhibits these three signs:

You Have Overwhelmed IT Staff

The majority of small businesses do not have a dedicated IT person, and if you do, they may have a lot on their plate.

You might need to hire some extra help if your IT department isn’t so effective anymore, or if you want to give your employees more time to focus on their comprehensive job descriptions.

Costs are an Issue for You

Continuous addition of IT resources will become expensive as your business needs to cover emerging technologies to compete.

Managed IT services come in a variety of forms and costs, so partner with affordable IT service providers that can meet your current and future needs.

You are Concerned About Your Security

If your team is stretched thin or split between internal and external customer service, routine tasks like virus monitoring and patch management sometimes go unattended by your network admin.

Having another set of eyes to watch and secure over network activity can be reassuring when you work with reputable managed IT services. 

How to Choose a Managed IT Service Provider for Your Business

Business owners may find themselves looking outside their organization for managed IT services in LA as technological needs increase.

The IT field can be quite complex, which makes finding the right service provider challenging. Having said that, the following points may help you choose the right managed service provider.


Certifications and partnerships with third parties are important. In a legitimate managed services arrangement, your provider will handle technology vendor needs for you, saving you from the hassle of juggling vendors for ongoing hardware and support requests.

Be sure you are working with experienced managed IT service providers who are certified, knowledgeable, and have glowing reviews from their past clients.

Response and Resolution Metrics

Find out what their numbers are. Is their support call response time fast, and what is their competence score for handling support calls quickly?

Furthermore, make sure you understand the details of their proposed service level agreement so you know what IT solutions they offer, how responsive they can be, and what support expectations there are.

Local Presence

Monitoring and managing IT services remotely have become commonplace in Los Angeles and are one of the best ways to provide rapid IT support. Local presences, however, have their advantages.

Choose the Best Managed IT Services in LA – Affant IT Management

It can be very helpful to have reliable onsite support available but there are times when your IT needs are more severe.

When a trustworthy Managed IT Service provider is close to you, you can deal with ransomware, infrastructure issues, or extended network downtime more efficiently.

With our managed IT services, Affant can assist you in developing IT solutions that increase employee productivity and business growth. To learn more, contact us at 714-338-7100 at Affant IT Management today!

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