What VoLTE Will Mean for Mobile 3G Networks


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With the rise in popularity of VoLTE, it might be time to finally say goodbye for good to older 2G/3G network services.

In the last few years, smart phones have shifted from a luxury, to a way of life. With over “2.08 billion people using smart phones in 2016 alone” according to Statista, its no wonder that mobile network operators (MNOs) have become more and more competitive in providing the best wireless connection available; leading to the last three years of communication networks heavily marketing the power and speed of 4G LTE as it has all but replaced 3G networks.

According to Ofcom, “It’s a known fact that 4G has better spectral efficiency than 3G — up to almost 6 times better because it uses more advanced techniques to improve the number of bits transmitted per single hertz of spectrum.”

So why is it that mobile network operators (MNOs) haven’t just gotten rid of 3G networks permanently? Well, because there is still one critical role that 3G networks play and that moment is right before you make a call. Currently, 4G LTE does not allow voice call functionality, so often times you will see the 4G symbol change back to 3G right before the call has been connected.

However, with MNO’s now releasing a network functionality known as VoLTE or Voice over LTE, this new feature will be the answer to solving the issue of voice calls being supported over 4G. Similar to VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, VoLTE both use Internet connection in order to deliver voice communications and establish calls. However, the main difference is that while VoIP will operate on any Internet connection at home or the office for such things like Skype video conferencing, VoLTE works entirely on mobile LTE data connection.

Although certain mobile carriers are beginning to offer VoLTE services, making such a large technological upgrade requires a lot of time and money for MNOs. That means it will at least be another few years before 3G will be completely replaced. However, you can be sure that the VoLTE icon will be in the corner of your phone in the not too distant future.

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