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Can’t sleep at night thinking about your business IT management horrors? Well, here are the top 3 IT nightmares that every small business faces and how Affant’s got you covered.


With Halloween right around the corner, scary decorations and office spooks aren’t the only things that are terrorizing the workplace. For many small businesses trying to keep their business up to date with the latest IT management solutions and technology without knowing what they are doing, often ends up with them tangled in a technological mess!

To kick start this years Halloween celebrations, here are some of the top common IT management horrors that haunt the workplace every single day.

 The Integration Spook |

Every small business has pressed the seemingly “harmless” update and justifiably end up being terrified and confused when they find themselves being faced with a broken website. As new updates and technology is released, sometimes what that will mean is that they aren’t exactly going to “get along” with older applications.

What seemed like an obvious choice will now backfire by resulting in double the entry for data, compatibility issues and other annoying and unnecessary hindrances. Making sure you back up your files and carefully plan before making any new type of implementation will help make this IT management terror just a little less scary.

The Hacker Nightmare |

Probably, one of the most obvious IT management nightmares is the hacker. Deliberately out to target small businesses, hackers are locking their eyes on your company’s computer. With all of your critical information, records and passwords in one place, make sure to protect against these cybersecurity threats by using security suites such as cloud applications and updated patches according to CEO of CipherCloud, Pravin Kothari.

The Wait Until it Breaks Scare |

A common IT management nightmare that many businesses face is waiting until something breaks. Network systems need continual maintenance and monitoring in order to make sure that everything is running smoothly and securely. The scariest part about this IT management issue is that it can very easily be avoided.

An experienced IT technical support team will provide the right solutions and support so that any issue will be stopped before it even begins. That is why at Affant Communications, with over 20 years of experience, our IT technical support team provides 24/7 monitoring and reporting so that your IT management horrors will become a thing of the past. Giving you a peace of mind throughout this Halloween season, Affant will keep you safe from all of your worst IT management nightmares. Contact us today and share your fears. We guarantee, nothing scares us!

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