Is your IT services provider holding you hostage?


Having the keys to your IT services and accounts is similar to owning a house.

Let’s say after several years living in your house, you decided it was time to move. If you have the deed to the house then moving would be a walk in the park.

But what if someone, maybe your handyman, had the deed instead? (Huge red flag.)

Just like you wouldn’t give the deed to your house to your handyman or someone else, the same applies to any digital accounts for your business. This includes your IT accounts that keep things up and running.

Here’s Josh to help explain what Affant does to make sure you’re never held “hostage”:

What It Looks Like when your IT is held “hostage”

Recently, we had a business come to us saying that they felt like they were being ‘held hostage’ by their current IT managed services provider. Not cool. 

The business wanted to leave their current provider, however, they were told that all backups would be deleted and the anti-virus software (you know, the important things) would be removed if they did.

The managed provider wouldn’t explain their monthly invoices and this made the business feel like they were being taken advantage of. On top of this, they were being charged hourly for support calls, resulting in unpredictable costs for their business.

At Affant, we make sure that this situation never happens.

We ensure that you have access to 100% of your services. This includes Office 365, phone systems, security devices and everything else you own. We simply manage your system on your behalf, just like an employee does. 

If you choose to move on from us, we give you 100% access to everything you own. That’s our promise to you. Want to learn more? Come say hello or give us a call, we’re here to help.

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