What are IT Solutions Services? 5 Best Ways to Handle Sensitive Data

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Information is a commodity—and a valuable one at that. Those who possess sensitive information must protect it from possible loss and other risks. Reliable IT services provide the means to secure sensitive data.

What Do IT Services Consider Sensitive Data?

Sensitive data is any information that would cause harm if leaked into the public domain. The injury could be financial, but the greater damage can often be to the person’s or entity’s reputation.

It’s up to IT experts to implement data security strategies and prevent data breaches. Sensitive data includes:

  • Financial information – bank statements, accounting journals, or credit card numbers
  • Account details – bank accounts or store accounts
  • Personal identity details – passport numbers or biometric information
  • Confidentiality agreements 
  • Passwords

How Can IT Services Protect Data?

One of the most important things that IT services can do is encrypt data. Encryption ensures that only people with authorization and who have the decryption key can read stored information. Without the decryption key, the data is unfathomable to unauthorized users.

Some operating systems come with encryption tools, which may suit individuals, but companies need something more robust that only their IT services can provide.

What About Staff Who Work Remotely?

Many people use their personal devices to work from home, a coffee shop, or a train. They may not have encryption software on their devices, or they may use public Wi-Fi, which is unsecure.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure that anyone who needs access to sensitive files has encryption software on all devices they might use for work.

It’s just as important to ensure that only those who need access to the sensitive data have the software and the decryption keys—it is essential to manage the number of people who have access to the network. According to the Unversity of Delaware, the more people in on a confidential secret, the greater the chance it will get out.

What Can You Do to Keep Data Secure?

People can be their worst enemies, leaving themselves open to harm. With a little effort, however, they can keep sensitive data safe.

The following tips will help keep all data secure, regardless of its sensitive nature:

  1. Don’t write down passwords –  We need a lot of passwords, from email to online banking. It’s difficult to remember them all, so it’s tempting to write them all down and keep the list handy. It’s a good reason to try some memory-enhancing techniques. Failing that, click forgot password and set up a new one.
  2. Don’t leave your devices open and unattended – It is so easy to quickly slip to the bathroom or answer a phone call that takes you away from your desk. That’s why it is essential to get into the habit of logging out of all accounts, profiles, and access-protected programs.
  3. Don’t save data on unprotected devices – It’s tempting to save data to external devices like USBs. Unfortunately, there’s a chance that you could lose them or they could be stolen. Protecting devices includes installing the latest and best anti-virus and malware software. 
  4. Use a safe or secure locker – Sometimes the old ways are best, and physically storing data on or offsite is a good idea.
  5. Dispose of sensitive data properly – Shred paperwork and erase computer data. It’s not enough to delete the information, it should be wiped clean. IT services can do that safely for you.

Let Affant IT Management Handle Your Sensitive Data

So much of the data we access is sensitive and protecting that information is as easy as following five simple steps. For an extra layer of protection, it’s a good idea to get professional IT services onboard.

With round-the-clock service monitoring that identifies any unique challenges before they affect your business, you can relax knowing we have you covered while making the most of your time—concentrating on the high-level projects that will demonstrate the value of your company’s services.

To learn more about how our IT services can keep your sensitive data secured, contact us at 714-338-7100 at Affant IT Management today!

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