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Network Down ?

Keep Your Business Up And Running Stress Free With Our Reliable Network Platform.

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Could You Be Hit By One of These?

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Internet Outage

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Carrier Outage

How Can We Help?

Most businesses on the Internet count on only a handful of giant cloud services to keep them up and running. If their network goes down, don’t let your business go down with it.

With over 20 years of experience as one of the first managed service providers (MSP), we’ve built our custom platform known as the Affant Watch 2 to achieve you the highest results in PerformanceSecurity and Reliability so that you’ll never go down again.

Our Platform

Affant Watch 2

Introducing the AW2, our platform can monitor a network environment by deploying remotely without needing to build complex network connections so that you can have fast, easy and reliable service 24/7.

What you get

Reduced Bandwidth

AW2 now integrates a remote-monitoring tool for reduced bandwidth and increased diagnostic capacity.


AW2 advanced features are a pay-as-you-choose option. We can enable or disable them on a month-by-month basis.


Hardware platform options are based on location demands: remote client, local soft-client, local AMP mini-probe, and local dial-in and serial-support AMP.

Advanced Network Monitoring

AW2 can gather traffic statistics with Netflow and/orPacket-Capture functions running on local equipment and/or AMP platforms.

Easy Deployment

AW2 can be deployed on mid-grade hardware running Windows or Linux systems or on hardware appliances from remote/sub-miniature to server -room-grade, multi-port systems.

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