AR Is Coming To Your Car


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Augmented reality is predicted to go mainstream in the next few years, but only in the automotive industry.


Augmented reality has been on quite a roller coaster ride in the last year. With many successes and straight out flops, it’s got the question forming, where is the future for AR? Well it seems the answer is none other than the automotive industry.

To give a little background, Augmented Reality is when virtual objects become integrated into your true surroundings creating an immersive experience. Up until now, AR has been mostly seen on smart phones with last year’s viral hits such as Pokemon Go and has yet to really hit the mass market.

The reason being is that there are a few big challenges that AR still needs to figure out before going massive:

  • Hardware is currently not capable of handling advanced Augmented reality.
  • Wearables are not possible because the screens are too small for high quality renderings.
  • Large scale AR is difficult to power all day without a battery pack.

Does this mean that AR’s future isn’t looking too bright? Well not necessarily. All it means is that if there is a way for AR to meet these challenges they could be a serious game changer. That is why their future is in the automotive industry.

With windshields of cars to serve as a transparent surface, they can solve the challenge of hardware limitations. On top of that with the quick advancement of self-driving cars about to hit the mass market as well, automotive AR is the perfect pairing.

Enhancing overall safety, augmented reality for cars can be great for busy urban environments with high volumes of traffic and pedestrians. In fact at this years CES event, automotive AR seemed to be the obvious trend. By using your windshield, AR technology can place warnings and useful information on the sides of your windshield for enhanced awareness and safety. With some obvious challenges that must still be overcome, it seems there is a bright future ahead for AR and it involves cARs.

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