How Secure is My Company from Hackers? Do I Need an IT Security Services Company Near Me?

How Secure is My Company from Hackers? Do I Need an IT Security Services Company Near Me?

In 2022, 61% of SMBs experienced a cyberattack, according to a report from Firewall Times. Without working with a managed IT security service, SMB security incidents lead to expensive threat hunting, malicious data access, and bad word of mouth around the company name.

Working with a managed security services provider protects you with threat intelligence, security monitoring, network security, and more.

Here’s everything you need to know about cyber attacks, outsourced monitoring, and what you need in a security team.

What is Hacking or Cyberattack?

Cyberattacks or cyber threats are exploitations of a company, network, or set of data. Hacking is the process of accessing sensitive documents without triggering a security program.

Examples of Common Hacking 

There are several types of hacking used by malicious parties:

  • Identity theft
  • Phishing
  • Spoofing
  • Website defacement
  • Denial of service attacks

Working with an MSSP manages to stop most if not all of these security breaches.

Managed IT Services Vs. Hacking

Managed security service providers prevent hacking and cyberattacks in many ways.

A few popular solutions include:

  • Vulnerability management
  • Threat monitoring
  • Cloud security
  • Intrusion detection
  • Endpoint security
  • Continuous monitoring
  • PCI scanning and PCI compliance management

Cyber defense protocols help your organization improve detection and response rates while reducing the risk of malicious activities. Working alongside a global MSSP provides the advanced analytics and protection you need for success.

Does Your Business Need Managed Security Services?

To understand if your business needs managed IT services, it may be helpful to look at some scenarios.

Say your company hires an employee who is unfamiliar with spamming and spoofing. They give their credentials to a malicious attacker, who jeopardizes your business. If your business is in the healthcare space, you may be at risk for HIPAA breaches and noncompliance. Even a single information leak could produce hefty fines.

Imagine your company is compromised by a malicious attack. Do you have the security devices, security analysts, and knowledge to resolve the problem quickly?

As you can see, SMBs are not secure against hacking on their own. As reported by Business 2 Community, one in eight small businesses is destroyed by cyberattacks, while 60% go out of business within six months of an attack, according to Fundera, Inc.

Failing to partner with managed IT services could utterly destroy your brand, and that’s where Affant IT Management comes in.

Secure Your Business from Malicious Cyberattacks

In-house security technologies have their place, but in the midst of a security breach, you need more than just security expertise to defend your bottom dollar.

Outsourced security operations that control managed detection and response solutions are an excellent way to mitigate risk, combat advanced threats, and boost your team’s capabilities.

At Affant IT Management, we’ve served many organizations in Orange County with managed application security, security event monitoring, and incident response technology services.

Our endpoint detection programs were built to combat emerging threats and ensure your technology investments are continuously monitored while remaining within regulatory requirements.

Sign up for managed IT security services with Affant IT Management, contact us at 714-338-7100 today!

Managed IT Security FAQs

What is a managed security system?

Managed security services are security operations provided by a trusted security provider.

Are managed IT services secure?

An exceptional managed service provider protects clients and their data without jeopardizing their security.

What does a managed security service provider do?

Managed security services provide threat intelligence, incident response, event management, and vulnerability scanning.

What are managed cybersecurity services?

Some common examples of managed security services include monitoring security events, controlling a counter-threat platform such as a managed firewall, and managing security threats.

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