Why is IT Security SO Important?

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You’ve heard about it, viewed ads all over online about it, and most likely watched a series about it on Dateline (well, no maybe not that, but you get the idea). IT Security.

What it is, why you should care about it, and why you need to keep those hackers out!

To help dive in further, here are three kinds of data hackers want, how they get it, and how to prevent data breaches in the future.

1. Company Secrets and Plans

Though you’ve said it time and time again that employees are forbidden to use inside information about upcoming plans to profit on the market, hackers however, certainly can use (and sell) these plans.

They can infiltrate networks, gather information, and then wait for the right time to exploit it. Something they LOVE to do! Hackers also use stolen business information to poison deals or put themselves in a position to profit from deals in progress. Really? Really.

2. Personal Emails and Correspondence

No matter who you are, you probably  don’t want your emails or internal information spread all over the internet.  If your company is in the middle of a merger or a transition of some kind, this is when your internal correspondence is especially important. Hackers will try to find company correspondence to change and influence decisions or public opinion.

Remember that your personal information is your property. And while reputable journalists publish information considered to be for the public good, not-so-reputable people do it for clicks.

3. Stored Data

Sometimes, hackers want to steal your stored data and stop you from accessing it. This type of attack is known as a ‘ransomware’ attack, and is one of the fastest-growing types of cyber attacks today; increasing over 250 percent in 2017 alone.

So what is a ransomware attack, exactly? A ransomware attack is where hackers gain unauthorized access to data, then encrypt it or move it and charge a company a ransom in order to restore access to it. Who’s laughing now? Not you.

Making sure you are protected against hackers is very important so you aren’t at risk to lose private company information. To do this, we believe in knowledge and preparation, which is why we aren’t the team to just provide you a ‘fire-wall’. We evaluate, assess, and build a personalized system for you and your business. 

The good news is, hackers hate us. Affant has over 20 years of experience in dealing with hacking threats, scammers, phishers and every other type of malicious attack you can think of.  The Affant team can work with you to better improve your IT security protocols and to stop hackers from trying to get to your business data. Talk to us today about our services and how to prevent scams from damaging your business.

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