The Invisible Heist, Why Banks Need IT Security

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Banks and financial companies are quickly becoming the prime target for cyber attackers, which is why they need higher cyber security measures fast.


Imagine you got robbed and didn’t even know it. In today’s digital world, the challenge banks and finance companies face isn’t with a gang of bandits trying to attempt an armed robbery. No, its much more dangerous than that, it’s an invisible robbery by cyber attackers.

There is no doubt that cyber crime has risen exponentially in the last year alone. However banks in specific have been a primary target for cyber attackers and for obvious reason; they go where the money goes. If a breach occurs for a bank, it can cause 3 serious blows for banks: lost critical data, downtime and a badly bruised reputation.

Even though most banks know of the dangers, according to research by Accenture, “75% of banking executives expect to invest in hardened devices and encryption, 66% in better protection around systems, but only 20% in improved intelligence gathering and assessment.”

In order for banks to continue to drive growth to their business and keep their systems safe; it is highly advised to invest in a long-term IT security strategy. By looking at cyber security as something that can and most likely will happen, the smart thing to do is shift your focus from known threats to planning how to mitigate future threats.

A good defense sytem requires being able to detect breaches and threats in real time. At Affant, We set aside specific hours a day, where we dedicate this time only for us and you. Then we set up 24/7 x 60 second monitoring on all of your devices with unique services for your business needs. To learn more about our advanced network monitoring and reporting speak with an Affant IT specialist today.

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