Internet Connected Homes are Exposed to Hackers


The Gist

While smart devices for your home are convenient to set up, they are also easily accessible to hackers without any form of coding.


Living in a fast paced culture where one can’t wait more than 5 seconds for a page to load without breaking the refresh button; speed, accessibility and functionality are everything. With the introduction of connected devices or the Internet of Things, we now have smart homes with enough advanced features to make even the Jetson’s home seem outdated. We now have sensors being built into everything from appliances, security systems, health monitors, door locks, and even potted plants. While having remote control access can be convenient, allowing access to your information can also put your home security at risk.

As more and more home automation products are being purchased, it is becoming apparent that these connected devices are seriously lacking the proper security measures required to keep your home safe. The critical miscalculation of these manufacturers to prioritize a simple set up by sacrificing security.

With user information being stored by hardware and software providers, the information becomes more accessible with companies that do not specialize in security. As more and more devices become connected to one portal, there is a much higher possibility of data breaches.

Potential solutions to keep your house secure can be as simple as changing your connected devices’ default passwords. Given easy passwords for easy access, is also easy access for hacking. To ensure your data security, it is recommended to set up your own private home network for your connected devices.

Your home is meant to be a haven for safety and comfort. Don’t compromise the security of your livelihood for a slightly longer process. At Affant, your security is always our first priority. For a full list of our services, check out Solutions & Services page.



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