It’s Time For A Multi Cloud Strategy

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After so many outages by major cloud providers, CIOs and CTOs are remapping their cloud strategies to multi cloud strategies.


With cloud outages taking major cloud players out left and right, when will it end? For many companies this cloud storm has been a serious wake up call for how they approach their business cloud strategy. A trend that is quickly emerging is the shift to a multi-cloud strategy.

According to IDC, “86% of enterprises predict that they will need a multi-cloud strategy within the next two years, according to a study by IDC.”

What this means is that rather than taking the risk of investing all data into one cloud provider, business’s are getting smarter by using two or more cloud services to hold their private data. Avoid downtime and data loss by using different platforms for different workloads. If strategized correctly this can greatly benefit your business’s infrastructure to utilize different cloud platforms to leverage different needs of the business. That is why this type of strategy is becoming a more widely adopted trend among IT decision makers.


  • Vendor Lock In: A key benefit of a multi-cloud strategy is preventing Vendor Lock –In. Housing all of your data in a single cloud can mean that you are at the jurisdiction of the cloud service provider. This can include raised prices, or other changes that can affect performance.
  • Flexibility: With a multi-cloud strategy you also get more flexibility and higher resiliency. With different features, you can mix and match features based on your company needs.
  • Cost Optimization: Maintenance costs are reduced, as SaaS vendors will handle the maintenance updates and licensing.
  • Security: Multi-cloud improves risk mitigation and creates faster disaster recovery time as well as creating fewer single points of failure.

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