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Our custom built network monitoring system the Affant Watch 2 can achieve you the highest results  in Performance, Security and Reliability.

Few companies can build an effective in-house network and fewer still have the network security resources to constantly monitor them as well as anticipate and eliminate problems before they escalate. With our AffantWatch2 software, companies can have peace-of-mind that their outsourced security monitoring functionality is of the highest caliber.

Co-developed with a trusted third-party company, AffantWatch has been built to our exacting standards and specifications. In order to improve and fine-tune the solution’s capabilities, Affant developers kept the new release in the beta testing stage for more than a year. Other monitoring solutions lack what it takes to assure their customers’ ultimate network security:

Most monitoring systems are designed by software manufacturers trying to anticipate the needs of the product in the market. We have tested many of them over the last 15 years and find the manufacturer’s real-world experience with full problem identification; resolution and non-recurring assurance is weak at best.

In contrast, Affantwatch2 is designed to gather data in real time every minute, 24/7/365 days a year. The software features sophisticated monitoring, information-gathering and alert technology among its extensive list of integrated features. AW2 now integrates a remote-monitoring tool that can be deployed on the Affant Advanced Management Platform (AMP2) for reduced bandwidth demands and increased diagnostic capacity in network-affected environments.

Our expert support staff is behind the software every minute of every day. Through proactive monitoring of important data, our Affant engineering staff is trained to detect and fix problems that can lead to potentially disastrous network issues. Once again, these attributes stand in comparison to the approach taken by many competitors. What it comes down to is a matter of experience and focus. Their experience is with building complex monitoring solutions with a bevy of features, and IT departments buy those products and attempt to make them work in the real-world that each IT department experiences. Feedback is given based on improving on features of the platform, not on the overall design of the platform.

With VOIP site-to-site testing capability and Windows Server monitoring among a host of other features, AffantWatch2 provides clients with unprecedented client-network status monitoring. AW2 also brings advanced network monitoring functions going well beyond Ping and SNMP. We are able to gather traffic statistics with Netflow and/or Packet-Capture functions running on local equipment and/or AMP platforms.

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