Why it’s Important to Keep Software up to date

Isn’t it weird how we trust most software and technology these days to run perfectly all day long?

Let’s not forget the time Instagram and Facebook literally shut down for hours (not a good day to be an influencer am I right?). Needless to say, everyone freaked out.

Technology isn’t perfect and the same goes for the software your business uses on a day-to-day basis. It can be a target for data theft, ransomware, data deletion, and other privacy breaches (you know, the scary stuff).

Here’s the thing: if your company’s technology isn’t up to date, any Cheeto-fingered basement hacker can have their way with your data.

Preventing security risks takes more work than making sure your password is not ‘password’. (yep, we know you do it).Unfortunately, today’s systems have plenty of vulnerable access points making it difficult to keep your network safe. Luckily, Affant is here with an outsourced managed IT service that will keep your network up to date and safe without breaking the bank.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s important to make sure your services are always up to date

1) Prevent Security Risks

When any existing software comes out with a new release, updating to the new patch can plug security holes in your network.

Software updates often reveal logs and notes that show prior exploits that have since been patched. Hackers love taking advantage of these known weaknesses in outdated software and you need to stay one step ahead. So once a software release happens, make sure you update soon as you can!

2) Keep Your Data Safe

If you’re a normal human, you probably keep your keep personal information and important documents on your devices. It’s not a bright idea, but most of us still do it.

Anything from a simple email to bank account information could be at risk from shady cybercriminals. Keeping your operating systems and software up to date is the best way to block hackers and keep your data safe.

3) Increase Productivity

Updates add new features and improve existing ones, but they also mean less crashing and better overall program speed. Regular updates help your business be more efficient and stay on top of your technology. It makes sure it works for you and not against you.

4) Stay Compliant

Industries like finance, banking, and healthcare require you to remain compliant when it comes to technology.

In certain industries, your network and infrastructure needs to be set up correctly and up to date with the latest guidelines. A simple IT security audit can expose vulnerabilities and bring compliance issues to the forefront.  

5) Keep Your Friends Safe
With our once a minute monitoring, you will feel like the most secure person in the world. But, remember, cybersecurity isn’t all about you.

If anybody in your network (customers, vendors) gets a virus it could eventually get passed to your business, and onto your friends, family, and business associates. You don’t want to get blamed, and Affant can make sure that won’t happen.

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