Social Engineering; Who Was That Guy?


The Gist

Basement-dwelling hackers aside, it’s the nice friendly face you never saw in the coffee room before that you should really be worried about.

Your virtual or technological information is only as safe as the diligence you assign it. Firewalls, VPNs, complex passwords are all useful, but not 100% effective. What would you say if “hacking” could rear itself on your office steps in the shape of a cargo-toting impersonator? Unfortunately, it is not as easy as keeping your security up to date, as breaches can be as simple as letting an unknown person get access to restricted areas. Watch below for a quick guide on how easy it is to use “Social Engineering” to get access to critical information.

Social Engineering

So what can you do? It’s as easy as staying ever vigilant. Continue upgrading your technology and hardware when necessary, and diagnose if the system you currently use is streamlined. The more convoluted a system, the more places breaches can occur. Affant makes IT solutions easy with infrastructure support and security appliances so you can rest easy. With consistently reliable communications systems that are unified across many platforms, and 24/7 security, let us give you the ability to focus on what’s really important, like finding out who that suspicious person near the coffee room was. At Affant, we’re on your side.

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