Health Care’s Move to Cloud Computing Soars


The Gist

As medical research becomes more robust each day, the use of Cloud computing is quickly on the rise in the Health Care industry.

“According to reports of the HIPAA data breach since 2009, the number of patient health records compromised has risen to 29.3 million, a 138 percent jump just from 2012. “

From 3-D printed organs to sci-fi worthy cloning of stem cells, to say the health care industry has become “high tech” would be an understatement. In an industry that is so dependent on technology and houses so much critical data, hospitals are starting to realize that they need a solution that will allow for “universal access.” Big Data is the main driving force that attracts Health Care IT to even consider moving towards cloud based systems because their existing infrastructures quite frankly just don’t cut it anymore.

With the robust nature of cloud, now you can hold and manage vast amounts of information and computing efficiently and effectively all in one space. With constantly developing medical research, having a manageable and more importantly, effective data solution can greatly cut the cost of hospitals that might have cut into other areas.

Having the health care industry adopt cloud based solutions will ultimately lead to more patient and practitioner interactions by increasing and improving their communication through the use of mobile devices, wearable technology and digital reminders. We will also see a rise in real time data to access health care records so that both health care professionals and patients can be aware of public records as soon as they occur.

Times are changing and technology is advancing, that is why at Affant Communications we strive to provide you with the latest news in technology as well as 24/7 assistance to answer any of your cloud based questions. To speak to an Affant IT specialist, call 714.338.7100 and receive a free cloud consultation to assess the right solution for you. 

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