Enhance Your Business Cybersecurity with Managed IT Security Services

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As of 2021, business enterprises have an average of 130 security breaches per year. Without managed IT services, Los Angeles companies are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and data theft.

It’s important to find an IT-managed service provider that will cater to your unique needs. Here are some ways that a reliable services provider will support your company.

Secure Your Business from Cyber Threats with Managed IT Services in Los Angeles

Cyber attacks are increasingly common, and they can be devastating for companies of all sizes.

A data breach can harm your company in the short term by costing you money. However, it can also harm your reputation in the long run. Small and medium-sized businesses that want to prove that they are trustworthy should hire an IT company for custom solutions to security concerns.

A managed IT service provider offers technical expertise without the same expense as an in-house team.

Improve Your Cybersecurity with Managed IT Services

Cybersecurity is vital for every Los Angeles, CA business that has a digital footprint. Even small businesses are now at risk of hacking and malware.

An IT services provider can update your business technology to address risks affecting companies in the Los Angeles area. These service providers have worked with dozens of companies on services like server virtualization and cloud security.

Performing Regular Assessments

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that they only need to perform security checks when something seems wrong. Working with an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles, CA provides companies with a competitive advantage.

Improved security can lead to business growth. Managed service providers can suggest innovative technology solutions to any weak spots in your security.

Monitoring and Securing Networks

Your business’s network is where a lot of essential work happens. Though most come equipped with a firewall, this isn’t sufficient for modern business needs. An IT solutions provider can provide additional protections and network infrastructure.

Regular monitoring ensures business continuity and you don’t have to lose money and clients due to a network outage. A strategy consulting team will find technical solutions for common issues.

Providing Backup and Recovery Services

Though data may seem securely stored on company computers and servers, there are many events that could destroy critical business data. Data backup creates additional copies of important information, from company finances to client contact details.

Events like fires, malware attacks, and floods can destroy computers. However, cloud computing provides untouchable storage space. Cloud services can provide disaster recovery and support services.

Maintaining Compliance

Security compliance is one of the most important ways your business can establish its credibility.

In a world where cyber attacks can compromise your company, employees, and even customers—strong network and internet security is an essential part of running a client-oriented business.

If you do not keep up with cyber security standards, your business may be held responsible for stolen client data. Lack of compliance can also result in significant fines to Los Angeles businesses.

Monitoring Emails

Each of your employees likely receives hundreds of emails each week, adding up to thousands of emails even for small and medium businesses. Failing to scan those emails can be a major blind spot in your security.

Your IT support provider can scan emails and check for malware. They can also provide cloud-based services for archiving and encrypting emails.

Secure Your Business from Cybersecurity Threats with Managed Service Provider

Affant offers managed IT services in Los Angeles, CA to help companies maintain smooth business operations. Our experts are available for desk support around the clock.

We understand the importance of security, and our IT services firm specializes in proactive monitoring to handle threats as they emerge.

To learn more about how we can help, contact us at 714-338-7100 at Affant Managed IT Solutions today!

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