Weak Passwords, Are Users Really to Blame?

The Gist
Internet users are often blamed for weak password security, but who’s really responsible? –The users for setting a weak password, or websites for allowing it.

You don’t need to be a world class hacker to know that “1,2,3,4,5” isn’t quite the most effective password available. Often times, internet users generating weak passwords for the sake of convenience is the main reason they become vulnerable to security threats. However, studies show that the reality is, websites are not doing much to ensure the security of our online accounts.The solution would seem rather obvious than, right? Generate a stronger password. Now before you close this case, you must understand that that websites will not implement this policy any time soon. The reason for that is simple, website developers are faced with choosing between security and usability. Often companies will choose the later, as mass appeal will trump mass protection.

Even though certain website sign ups seem tedious when they ask for certain password qualifications,the reality is these are the sites that are going to ensure your privacy. According to Security Editor, Dan Goodin the reason that so many users continue to use weak passwords is because websites are not enforcing policies that require stronger ones.

Even major corporations such as Google and Facebook are allowing users to create weak passwords to maintain easy account set up. It is up to websites to enforce stronger password security policies. Currently, certain companies are creating general password blacklists that will enforce certain passwords cannot be used. Until every website implements these rules it is highly recommended to create a password with lowercase, uppercase, special and numeric characters.

No one can force you to take the necessary measures to ensure your information. While users are creating weaker passwords, internet security is a two way street. At Affant, your security is always our first priority. With24/7 monitoring and security, we guarantee that if your password is ever breached, Affant is on your side.




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