The Difference Between IT Services Vs. Cyber Security – Everything You Need to Know

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Although information technology and cybersecurity are both concerned with protecting people, devices, and data through managed IT security services, their approaches are very different. The two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but when it comes to security, they mean different things.

These kinds of confusion are harmless in most cases, but the increasing number of attacks in the past few years calls for some clarity, even when discussing just these two types of managed security service providers.

IT Security: An Overview

A managed IT security system protects company data by designing and implementing measures. There are a number of ways in which this data can be stored, including electronically and on paper.

Considering that companies handle large amounts of data on a daily basis, it’s necessary for them to have systems and processes in place to protect this data.

In some companies, credit card numbers, addresses, and names of customers are collected, processed, and stored. In order to protect this information from unauthorized access, you’ll need a data security framework that outlines how it should be handled.

Understanding Cyber Security

The term cyber security refers to the protection of company data from online threats. Large amounts of data may be at risk from internet hackers as more businesses use cloud computing, networks, and servers.

As part of cyber security, systems that are designed to protect against such risks are developed and implemented.

As Internet hackers develop more sophisticated techniques, the way in which company data is downloaded, shared, or utilized is also affected. Whenever employee emails are sent or attachments are opened within your network, your business infrastructure can become vulnerable.

Typically, a cybersecurity plan includes assessing network risks, managing passwords, encrypting data, and creating policies to prevent data breaches.

Important differences between IT security and Cybersecurity

The objective of both approaches is to protect sensitive company data using a combination of technologies and physical processes.

Each data security process, however, follows important differences. Among them are:

Covered Data Scope

A managed IT security approach encompasses both electronic and physical data. File printing, sharing, and document storage procedures are discussed, along with electronic data handling.

In contrast, cybersecurity only covers data transmitted across the internet. To protect data from online hacking, a cybersecurity plan outlines policies and procedures.


Providing confidential, secure, and reliable information is the ultimate objective of IT security. Thus, IT security encompasses all aspects of business data collection, storage, sharing, and processing.

The purpose of cybersecurity, on the other hand, is to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data via online channels.

An important element of cybersecurity is the assessment of risks, development of a risk assessment matrix, analysis of these risks, and implementation of a risk management plan.

Cybersecurity Solutions and IT Services

Despite the overlap in roles and responsibilities, IT typically focuses on projects, such as building and maintaining computer networks and systems. Keeping those systems’ information secure is what cybersecurity entails.

There’s no need to choose between managed IT security and cyber security services. Your infrastructure should be enhanced with managed IT services and protected with a reliable managed cybersecurity service.

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