Finding the Best Mobile VPNs to Secure Your Privacy


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Finding the right VPN is critical to ensure your Internet privacy for mobile devices.

A VPN is a great way for protecting your Internet privacy. Essentially in a VPN, a virtual tunnel encrypts the data that passes through between the computer and VPN server and decrypts it at the other end with encryption technologies such as Internet Protocol Security Protocol (IPSec) . This way no one can see what you’re doing ensuring your privacy. However, as more and more people are using mobile VPNs, these VPNs are having more issues regarding Internet privacy.

Not all VPN providers can be trusted. Some VPNs are downright fake and their only motive is to get a sneak peak into your traffic, while other VPNs aren’t always encrypting your passing data or are logging into your activities. Although well-known commercial VPN providers are trustworthy, older VPN software’s will most likely not work with smartphones or tablets.

This is because standard VPNs are not optimized for mobile related issues such as bandwidth, coverage gaps, battery life and limited memory. An example of this is if you were to move from a Wi-Fi to 4G and back to Wi-fi most likely you will lose the VPN connection. This usually ends up leading to repeated attempts at re-securing your connection. The only solution at that point would be to turn off your network and restart it again. If this is the case it might be time to consider a new VPN provider.

Not only should you be aware of conventional VPNs, certain mobile VPN providers also do not have full proof measures to ensure your data. In fact in a study by Industrial Research Organization, “18% of 283 tested Android VPNs didn’t encrypt traffic in their tunnels.”

When looking for a mobile VPN provider you want to look out for a few specific factors. Find a VPN that supports at minimum 128-bit encryption and offers anonymous DNS servers because if a VPN uses your DNS then your Internet Service provider will still be able to see where you are going

Using public WI-FI access points such as at restauarants or hotels do not have good security and can leave you open to cyber attackers. Getting a mobile VPN for your smartphone or tablet is critical to ensure your privacy.

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