Back Up Your Data – Say Hello To Cloud


The Gist:

Backing up your files is secure and stress-free with automatic cloud backups.


When you back up your files to an appropriate location, such as the cloud, valuable data can be saved and restored. If your system to is to fail at random, you will be thankful that your data was backed up in a safe place. Or even worse, if your device happens to be compromised, all your files will be stored in another protected location, that you can access. Having a more secure system in place versus leaving this information on a local device is a no-brainer.

By integrating Cloud systems, it makes anything-stored invisible, leaving no physical surplus on your system, essentially freeing space. Backing up can sometimes be forgotten or put on the back burner, with the Cloud you just simply have to schedule a time to back up your data, and it will do everything on it’s own. Not only this, but you can access this data in the Cloud from any type of mobile device. Convenience, and security, it just simply cannot get better.

Making sure that your Cloud is truly secured, and functioning properly is something we deal with on the regular, making sure to monitor the facilitation, and the data that is being stored. Back up your files, and get IT done!!

With Affant, IT services are off your plate and into experienced hands. We give you peace of mind with all of services and solutions properly tailored to your unique needs. From 24/7 monitoring and reporting, to custom infrastructure plans that keeps your company’s security and up time a priority, we’re on your side.

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