How to Understand and Approach IT Infrastructure Managed Services SLA

managed IT services in LA

If you’re running a small business in Los Angeles and you need IT support, then you should consider managed IT services in LA.

Let’s discuss service level agreements (SLA) that you might have with these service providers. What should you know about these agreements? What kind of terms should be included there?

Managed IT Services 101

Before we discuss service level agreements, we need to look into what managed IT services are.

These are IT services that are outsourced to another company. Outsourcing tasks are typically done in order to save money. But there are other compelling reasons for it, such as access to highly skilled talent. The tasks that they perform are highly technical and go beyond simple consulting.

They provide cyber security and maintenance solutions as well. They can also act as a help desk for the company whenever an IT problem comes up.

Some businesses need this more than others, but ideally, there should be someone who is ready to answer all the questions internally and provide all the required IT solutions.

IT Infrastructure Managed Services SLA

When you get the services of an IT managed service provider, you will sign a service level agreement. The SLA will define the different kinds of services that will be provided to you.

On the SLA, all of the services must be listed and detailed. For example, they could provide backup and cloud services, and they can also provide cyber security tasks and even maintain the IT infrastructure.

Service availability should also be clearly defined in the agreement, which is important to avoid misunderstandings later and legal disputes.

Below are some important details that should be included in the agreement:

  • The response time when something goes wrong in the system.
  • The expected time for any technical issue to be resolved.
  • The responsible party when there is a cybersecurity breach.

These factors should be indicated in the agreement to avoid disputes later on. The fees and costs for the services should also be included in the SLA—this can prevent disagreements between you and your client should there be surprise charges later on.

The SLA should also clearly state who will be responsible for any problem that may be encountered, which is crucial to hold both parties accountable in case something goes wrong.

Data or Privacy Breach

One of the most concerning IT problems that a business could face is a data or privacy breach. This can expose a business to lawsuits and can be very expensive.

The SLA should clearly indicate who will be responsible if there is a data breach and the information of customers is leaked or gets stolen. Having this clause can help prevent your company from being liable when the said event happens.

Learn More About Service Level Agreement from Trusted Managed IT Services in LA

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