Why IT Projects Fail and How IT Managed Services Providers in Los Angeles Can Help

managed IT services in LA

One of the great things about managed IT services in LA is the experience and expertise that goes into IT project planning, implementation, and support. 

Keep in mind that it’s one thing to implement an IT project and another to see it succeed. According to sources, only about 30% of IT projects go as planned and the other 70% typically are either over deadlines, over budget, or canceled. 

Why Do IT Projects Fail Without Managed IT Services?

There are several reasons why IT projects fail without managed IT services in LA. Some of the most important causes include the following:

Lack of Understanding 

It’s not always easy to pinpoint the true cause of a problem. Without the proper knowledge, it’s possible to mistake a superficial problem for the root cause. Often, those identifying the issues aren’t entirely familiar with the relationship between hardware and software—and the combined infrastructure. 

Managed IT service providers in LA know the role and position of every little component. This enables them to identify the real problem and tackle it head-on. 

Random Requirements

Once the problem has been identified, it is crucial to determine what you want the solutions to be. Perhaps the system at fault was outdated and slowing down, then you’ll need something that will speed up the system and ensure its processes run quickly and smoothly. 

Furthermore, perhaps your priorities have changed, and the old program couldn’t deliver the new information you need. You need something capable of deeper analysis and more comprehensive reporting. Perhaps there’s a lot more going on, and you’ll only be able to identify the objectives once they arise.

Sit down with your managed IT service provider and discuss what it is that you genuinely need and what the new technology’s capabilities are and whether it can provide the necessary solution.

As outsiders with no preconceived ideas about the company, managed services can often drill down to the essentials and propose a strategy that will give you what you need on time and within budget.

Underestimating Scope Creep

Scope creep is a process whereby a project keeps growing, incorporating tangential factors until it gets so big that you can’t see the wood for the trees. It’s vital to recognize this when it starts, so you can pull back to the original matter and cull anything that has tried to latch itself to the project.

Managed IT services providers have drilled down to the core issue and because they don’t have extraneous matters to consider, they can work solely on the tasks at hand.

Failure to Prioritize Training

People are creatures of habit and new systems can be confusing. Everyone who will use the new system must be properly trained. Not just on how to use basic functions but also with some troubleshooting and backend knowledge included. Without proper training, the company’s IT guy would be very busy retraining employees and fixing accidental errors.

Managed IT service providers can prepare a thorough training session or sessions if necessary. They have all the resources to hand, and fully understand the infrastructure they put in place. Moreover, they can answer any staff member’s questions, including those in the C-suite.

Never Let Your Projects Fail – Choose Affant IT Management Today!

Companies that have an IT project looming would benefit from having a professional team on their side. In-house IT departments and project management teams might provide some essential services, but they must still deal with other problems experienced by staff.
Professional managed IT services in LA, on the other hand, can provide more thorough, in-depth services. To bring projects to a successful conclusion, contact us at 714-338-7100 at Affant IT Management today!

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