How Managed IT Security Services Near Me Work

managed IT security

A growing number of organizations are opting for managed IT security services as a way to strengthen their cyber security. As threats continue to grow, highly trained people are needed to manage and monitor security alerts unceasingly. However, finding such individuals is extremely difficult.

Managed security solutions are an excellent choice if you’re experiencing cybersecurity issues. Below, we will explain how managed IT security service providers operate near you.

What are Managed IT Security Services?

With managed IT security services, your systems and devices are monitored and managed by an outside company. These services include security incident and event management (SIEMs), intrusion detection and prevention systems, firewalls, antivirus, vulnerability management, and compliance management.

Managing hundreds or thousands of security incidents and events a day is a tedious task that organizations offload to managed IT security services.

It is beneficial for an organization to use managed security services if its in-house security resources are insufficient, it lacks the expertise, or it lacks the time to monitor and manage its security environment continuously.

Fully-Managed Vs. Co-Managed Security Services

In terms of managed security services near you, there are two types, such as fully managed and co-managed security services.

1. Fully-Managed Security Services

In addition to owning and managing the technologies and tools for security, the security services provider also monitors and manages the security events generated by them.

The cost of fully-managed security services is often a good fit for organizations that are budget-conscious and do not have the internal resources to learn and manage an array of the latest technologies.

2. Co-Managed Security Services

The use of co-managed security services is beneficial for organizations that own a variety of security technologies and who lack the internal security resources to manage these technologies uninterruptedly.

Over time, as your organization scales and you build a security operations center (SOC), you can bring monitoring and management back in-house. In addition to educating and informing you about each tool, a co-managed security service can set up the most appropriate configuration. 

Moreover, co-managed security services free your staff from the intensive task of monitoring and managing events during non-business hours, so they can focus on other strategic projects. Thus, many managed IT security services provide uninterrupted coverage.

Threat Monitoring and Management Solutions

In a managed IT security service, a team of analysts analyzes your security data and determines whether these incidents should be logged as security events.

In such cases where incidents are an issue, tickets are opened and notifications are sent following a set of escalation profiles, which define the priority of the ticket and notify the appropriate parties, forming your organization’s incident response procedure.

A proactive approach is the best way to detect threats and vulnerabilities. Security threats can be greatly reduced with tools such as virus and malware protection, intrusion detection, and intrusion protection. 

Here’s Where Affant IT Management Can Help

Our security expertise at Affant IT Management can protect your company from these threats. Information security ensures the stability of your business and also assures your clients that you are trustworthy and reliable. 

Interested in our managed IT security services? Get in touch with us by completing our online form or contacting us at 714-338-7100 at Affant IT Management today!

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