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No business today can run without their IT services and hardware in place. No matter what industry, they are the tools of the trade. The challenge for many businesses is that their “tools,” from mobile devices to in office hardware, have now become the source of risk.


About Managed IT Security Services Provider in Inglewood

Inglewood, California, is located in the southwestern portion of Los Angeles County. Since its incorporation on February 14, 1908, Inglewood’s population has increased steadily. According to the most recent U.S. Census, this city in the southwestern United States is home to more than 107,764 people.

The total area of this quaint city is 9.1 square miles. Los Angeles International Airport is only 4.1 miles away from Inglewood’s downtown. There are ten neighborhoods in Inglewood where residents and the local government collaborate to create a close-knit community.

This charming town is jam-packed with exciting activities and fascinating tourist attractions, so there is something for everyone to enjoy in this community. Because of the favorable environment for starting and running a business, the city attracts a healthy population of aspiring business owners.

Businesses in Inglewood need a trusted managed service provider to help with their daily operations!

How Can a Managed Service Provider Help Your Business?

Managed services enable businesses to identify and resolve technical issues before they can have a negative impact on the business. You can rest assured that your computer network will operate smoothly and efficiently due to proactive service and routine maintenance.

To stay competitive in their respective markets, businesses require a trustworthy IT system. By providing support services, a managed services provider (MSP) can identify threats, proactively monitor, and resolve potential issues to prevent your company from being overburdened by limited IT resources.

As an industry leader in managed IT services, our tech experts at Affant can assist you in developing laser-focused IT solutions for your business operations. The following are some managed support services that you can include in your IT support package:

  • Network Security – Cybersecurity assurance is the most critical asset for any business. You can receive the necessary software and support to guard against any potential threat. Affant’s 24/7 network monitoring system can detect problems even before they arise.
  • Cloud Services – By outsourcing your cloud services, you can reduce expensive network maintenance expenses. Staffing a full-time in-house team to maintain your cloud-based services is costly, and with cloud-based solutions, small and medium-sized businesses may not need one.
  • Infrastructure Management – Network infrastructure management typically includes the physical cabling, hub, bridge, switch, and router. Infrastructure monitoring also involves the selection and use of telecommunication protocol and computer software for using and managing the network.

Benefits of managed IT support include the commitment, industry knowledge, and expertise of an entire IT department that is focused on delivering your core business.

Trusted managed services providers can assist with technical support and the day-to-day tasks of more time-consuming and complex projects, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your business’ core competencies.

Proactive response monitoring 24/7

It’s Our Job To Keep You Safe

One monthly flat rate gives you all you need, anytime, all the time. Wondering what proactive monitoring is?
We can answer all of your questions! Reach out to learn more.


24/7 Support

Solving problems BEFORE they’re problems, we are here to monitor, support, and fix any issues for a flat fee.

Network Support

We take full responsibility for any problems, including 3rd-party vendor issues. Great IT skills, no blame, all service.

IT Security Services

We take the stress off your shoulders, keeping your business running through monitoring and recovery plans.

Cloud Services

Increase agility in your company and showcase the revenue-growth potential of IT at your business.

Affant: Providing Streamlined IT Solutions

Affant can tailor IT security solutions to your specific requirements. We can integrate with your current security platforms and infrastructure. Our security experts can provide an evaluation and tailor a solution based on your needs!

With years of experience, we develop IT management services that are tailored to your business objectives. Reduce operating expenses and gain a competitive advantage backed by years of experience in the IT industry.

We provide a vast array of IT management services, including remote proactive monitoring every minute and in-house upgrades and installation:

  • Web Security Services
  • IT Security Services
  • Infrastructure Network Management
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Cloud Security Services
  • Cloud Migration Services

Aside from Inglewood, we also offer managed IT services in Los Angeles, Torrance, Long Beach, and more. Feel free to contact us today to know more about our IT solutions!

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