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Is Automation the Death of IT?

By | Boring Tech | No Comments

The gist Automation does not mean the end of IT work. Many businesses are using automation for low-level IT tasks.   Automation seems like a scary thought right? The idea that robots could take over your IT jobs, and potentially put you out of work. However, the not so scary…

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It’s Time to Make Your IT More Agile

By | People Tech | No Comments

The Gist Short-term IT projects are taking over long-term projects as businesses begin to adopt agile IT into their process.     Adaptability is one of the key components that defines successful IT these days. A “my way or the high way” or “well this has always worked for me”…

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Countdown with the Top Hacks of 2016

By | People Tech | No Comments

The Gist 2016 was the year of some of today’s largest cyber security breaches. Let’s countdown the New Year with this year’s top hacks!   2016 was a shocking year for many reasons, but most notably for being one of the biggest years for some of today’s largest ever-recorded cyber…

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