Gregory Keyes

Commanding the troops.

My job is to oversee things and people: nudging when necessary; acknowledging when it’s on-track; keeping the team focused on clients and forward direction, not just “work.”

When I’m not working, I’m running, rock-climbing, reading, traveling, snow-boarding, surfing, and hanging out with my wife and young-adult boys and their friends.

“Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.” (Mr. Magorium) But there are many – I love quotes. Especially cheesy movie quotes. Example from Fantastic Four: (Susan) Don’t even think about it. (Johnny) Never do.

People seeing limitations more than possibilities.

My current happy-hour drink is a Moscow Mule. But after happy-hour, a good red wine.

My guiding light is to have a “positive impact on everyone I interact with.” But that’s a bit much for a cute-sy thing. Right now, what comes to mind is a quote from Hemingway: “Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk; that’ll teach you to keep your mouth shut.” It reminds me to say nothing unless I mean it – and to follow through with what I say I’ll do.

The best part of working at Affant is the team. This is a crew of people I enjoy working with, being around, and struggling at things with. They keep me out of the daily work and engage me on interesting challenges that we can work out as a team. I’m privileged to be engaged on some of their personal struggles as well; and I’m inspired by their courage in so many things.

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