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Why You Should Consider Management Services


All businesses, big and small, rely on technology to stay ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, identifying the resources needed to keep up is difficult and constant IT monitoring can overwhelm your staff. Falling behind on security, patches, and backups often leads to more severe problems down the road. Something as simple as an e-mail server going down can result in productivity problems and ultimately a loss of revenue.


Why invest in a Managed Service Provider


There are countless reasons why you should use managed services as the right plan can address all of your most pressing IT needs. Maybe your IT department is struggling to keep up with all of your requests? A slow network can make the problem even worse resulting in unnecessary stress for everyone involved. Thankfully, IT managed service providers in Orange County can free up your business to focus on what it does best.


Benefits of IT Management Services


Managed IT support services discover and fix problems before any of the negative effects reach your organization. There are countless benefits of outsourcing IT support for small businesses and regularly maintained networks always outperform those that aren’t. As an added pro of outsourcing, flat-fee billing models can reduce costs. Above all, daily monitoring means you can be sure your network is performing at its best at all times.


At Affant, we offer a range of IT management services for every business owner. Our tailored solutions fit any business without using generic cookie cutter plans. All services come with a guaranteed flat fee and assistance is always available 24/7. If you want to learn more, you can visit


Things to Consider When Choosing a Managed IT Service Provider


Before choosing a service provider, it’s important to identify what problems you want to solve. Do you have an issue related to your help desk? Storage? Desktop management? Maybe you want upkeep and maintenance of the programs your employees use each day.


Choose the Right Service Provider


After pinpointing what you want in terms of IT services in Orange County, take time to look over your options. Don’t stress about cost at this point, as many companies offer inexpensive initial pricing. Instead, research the company and how they do business. Are they experienced? Stable? Think about speaking with existing clients to determine what you may not know. You can even turn to available case studies to help you make your decision.



Pricing for Management Services


Most IT management services in Orange County charge a monthly flat fee. These IT services’ rates may be offered based on the number of devices you use and other details regarding your specific business needs. The most basic IT managed service pricing plans include daily monitoring that let alerts as soon as problems come up. More intensive solutions can tackle all of your needs while offering benefits like on-site support. Running a business is stressful, but simple flat fees make finding the right managed service provider pricing plan easy.



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