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What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT support services can save your business time and money, but what exactly are managed services and why should you use them? With this type of service, many of the common tasks done by an in-house IT department are completed by an outside service provider. This includes a 24/7 outsourced help desk for customer support. Outsourcing your IT service can result in lower costs and improved IT performance, but how do you know when to make the switch?


Need to Focus on the Business

Los Angeles CEOs, CFOs, and business owners want to keep their companies up to date with the latest technology, but keeping up with daily monitoring is a hassle that drains valuable time and resources. There are countless benefits of outsourcing IT for small businesses, but above all, it allows you and your company the time to focus on what really matters. With an outsourced managed service provider, you won’t ever have to stress about IT problems again.


Higher Level of Flexibility

If your bandwidth needs fluctuate, cloud services are a fantastic option. If you need additional bandwidth one month, scaling up is simple and scaling down is just as easy. This flexibility is the main reason many of the top companies utilize cloud computing


Proactive Maintenance

You have better things to do than worry about your IT infrastructure and chances are you don’t have the time. With a managed service provider, you don’t have to. Before software or an app is used by your workers, issues and bugs have already been found and fixed. In addition, you may have the advantage of regular backups to ensure your software is always up to date.


At Affant, we serve the Los Angeles area in a number of different managed services and pride ourselves on our great customer service. If you’ve been thinking about using IT services, you can visit us at www.Affant.com.


Constant Monitoring

The only way to avoid IT issues is to constantly update and monitor your network. An important pro to weigh when considering outsourcing support services is the daily monitoring your network will receive. This means issues are quickly found and taken care of before they impact your workplace. Additionally, this monitoring can improve overall network performance and speed.

One Fee Guarantee

At Affant we pride ourselves on creating the solutions you need without any hidden costs. We provide sing flat fee what most IT companies charge extra for and that’s what makes us unique. IT service rates can be confusing with many companies offering an introductory price that does not cover additional material or hourly charges. Our one-fee guarantee is the cornerstone of our business and it makes choosing a pricing plan simple.

Whatever you need we will take care of it without adding on any additional fees for labor and time. We’re here to make sure managed service provider pricing is the least of your worries.

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