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The way businesses communicate has transformed in recent years. 

Has your phone network kept up with the times?

If you’ve outgrown your phone network, consider ShoreTel Connect CLOUD—a hosted, cloud-based phone system that provides powerful features no legacy system can match:

  • Mobile technology lets you take the functionality of a desk phone anywhere.
  • Enjoy superior call quality and reliability via private connections.
  • “Click to Dial”functionality improves efficiency.
  • Inbound screen pops increase service levels.
  • Automated call note entry boosts productivity.
  • ShoreTel Sky fully integrates with your CRM and ERP solutions.
  • The web-based content center enables your management to quickly review critical business metrics.
  • The easy-to-use web portal and dashboard let you configure and manage the system to your specific needs.
  • ShoreTel’s voice software is proprietary—there are no third-party providers between you and your remotely-managed phone network.


ShoreTel’s cloud-based system replaces both the onsite phone system and the telco provider—you get a single invoice, a single point of contact for support, and a single provider who takes accountability seriously.

Best of all, because ShoreTel assumes the responsibility and expense of maintaining the network, you gain greater flexibility for your business’ IT spend.

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