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Cybersecurity, an Organization’s Immune System

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The Gist Keeping your organization’s technology on the most recent operating system is not enough.  Information security professionals should develop long term plans for maintaining their organization’s defenses. A little over a week ago, WannaCry ransomware spread to over 400,000 machines in 28 languages.  Over 98% of machines were running Windows…

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encryption ransomware

Encryption Ransomware, The Hostage PC

By | Security Tech | No Comments

The Gist Cyber criminals aren’t interested in the small fish, they’re going straight for the big guys. Targeted enterprises are being forced to pay through encryption ransomware.   Ransomware comes in all shapes and forms. Common examples of ransomware include scareware, which is essentially fake antivirus claiming that you need…

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Is Automation the Death of IT?

By | Boring Tech | No Comments

The gist Automation does not mean the end of IT work. Many businesses are using automation for low-level IT tasks.   Automation seems like a scary thought right? The idea that robots could take over your IT jobs, and potentially put you out of work. However, the not so scary…

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Countdown with the Top Hacks of 2016

By | People Tech | No Comments

The Gist 2016 was the year of some of today’s largest cyber security breaches. Let’s countdown the New Year with this year’s top hacks!   2016 was a shocking year for many reasons, but most notably for being one of the biggest years for some of today’s largest ever-recorded cyber…

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